Wandering around Webworld

Well today the local school Laingholm Primary School has a burst water main and my boys plus 2 of their friends are surfing their favourite games online. The internet is the best baby sitter ever, I’m sitting with my Macbook on the dining table while the 40 inch TV has been converted with their MiniMac into a visual games zone for 4 excited boys.

While they are surfing my favourite thing to do is well surfing too! Must be in the genes? Today’s favourite blog is the dzineblog which collects inspirational design from very talented designer. Right now I’m thinking I need to design a RocketZone logo but looking at the amazingly yet clever designs featured in this blog it’s really intimidating to consider trying it myself. More investigation is required.


About rocketzone

This blog is about the projects at RocketZone Marketing, design ideas, magazines, online innovation and creativity. Other than marketing my interests are music, New Zealand, my kids, life with an Aspie, FRIENDS, outdoor fun, DIY at home, eco-sustainability and spontaneous adventures that happen.
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