Advertising Presentation

Well on my second to last week of Uni studies I’m focused on presentations. Should be easy open powerpoint, choose a template and load the key points for discussion. Actually I didn’t like any of the templates and so spent twice as long just designing then adjusting for the graphics, flow charts and photos. Then I spent ages on photoshop adjusting my RocketZone logo from draft 1 to draft 2, the colours now match the slides and the surround of this blog, Yay!

Attempt number 2.

One of my favourite design blogs has fantastic inspiration for logos that use the company name and very little graphs. Surprisingly for me there’s not a rocket in sight or a hint of red (my fav colour).

30 cool minimal logo designs | creativebits


About rocketzone

This blog is about the projects at RocketZone Marketing, design ideas, magazines, online innovation and creativity. Other than marketing my interests are music, New Zealand, my kids, life with an Aspie, FRIENDS, outdoor fun, DIY at home, eco-sustainability and spontaneous adventures that happen.
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