Website content and testimonial

Today I am trying to focus on my own website construction and developing appropriate content. I have a list of ideas but I think it is more interesting to create an online presentation. I have also asked for a testimonial from my lecturer for advertising & promotional.

Testimonial message commences from lecturer Roger Hawkins:

I was recently lucky enough to have Danni in my (Advertising & Promotion) class while lecturing here at Unitec. I am a great admirer of free thinking, creative individuals and Danni very quickly came to my attention as one of the genuine stars of the class.

Creative, with a great enquiring mind, proactive and customer focused – Danni demonstrated clear understanding of customer demands and requirements and most importantly how to convert this to first strategy, then action and finally , outcomes.

I commend Danni to you if you seek quality strategic thinking and creative delivery of customer solutions.”


About rocketzone

This blog is about the projects at RocketZone Marketing, design ideas, magazines, online innovation and creativity. Other than marketing my interests are music, New Zealand, my kids, life with an Aspie, FRIENDS, outdoor fun, DIY at home, eco-sustainability and spontaneous adventures that happen.
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