Don’t ask me to choose a FONT!

I have so many favourite designs in my over crowded Font Book on my Mac so when Sarita (graphic designer) asked “which font would be good for my logo” I started narrowing down my focus. Obviously it needed to be a legal font for commercial use and not too fussy. Sarita sent me a short list of 14 designs to focus my decision but strangely I realised I needed to know the name of the font. Then I felt silly, so I didn’t ask for the names I simply chose from the style and logo point of view. I still can’t say what it’s called but I hope it has a memorable name cause in a list of thousands of fonts I’ll need to locate it.

I follow KaneWest on twitter for fun and why not, I saw that he posted a comment this week that fonts make him emotional. OMG I’m not a geek cause he loves font too, unless you consider KW a geek then I’m still in geekland.

4 Things to Consider When Creating a Business Logo


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