Improving websites

Websites are not something that you create and leave; they should be constantly amended to keep browsers engaged and coming back for more. They should also be linked with the rest of your social media.

Top tips for your website:

• In a glance, make it clear what your company does on your home page.

• Make your contact details easy to find and uncomplicated. A phone number and email address is ideal.

• Include photos of you and your team so people can relate to you.

• Keep updating your website with interesting news about your sector. Make your website engaging.

• Have a special section for awards or testimonials your company has won.

• Make sure your website is developed on a content management system (CMS) so it can be updated regularly.

• When designing your website make sure that it can be browsed from any device, computer, mobile phone or iPad.

See our page about WEBSITES, we can help you get it right!


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This blog is about the projects at RocketZone Marketing, design ideas, magazines, online innovation and creativity. Other than marketing my interests are music, New Zealand, my kids, life with an Aspie, FRIENDS, outdoor fun, DIY at home, eco-sustainability and spontaneous adventures that happen.
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