About Danni

Hello I’m Danni Barnes and I LOVE marketing.
My business card states my passions:

DESIGN is my love of visual imagery as it connects to branding and product representation.

INNOVATE is to find solutions to my clients problems using dynamic ideas that focus on fresh & creative thinking.

CONNECTing my clients to their customers using online tools and content marketing.

RocketZone Marketing is my company in Auckland, New Zealand. We design relevant promotions to genuinely represent our clients, connecting them to their target market using innovative digital solutions.

Clients list:

Daniel Hunt & Associates: Specialists in tax education

The Mill House: A fashion boutique offering designer labels in size 14+

Getmeonline: Building business online

Headstart Total Body: A fantastic hairdresser and beauty therapy team

Savar: Skincare products that are 99% natural

CordBank: Banking Umbilical Stem Cells for your baby’s future

I am also the facilitator of the West Auckland Venus networking group.