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The story of my own Rocket

First Sarita send sketches: A combination of rockets 1, 5 & 9 looked like this: Then we discussed colours above: Finally a few ideas for design combinations: Advertisements

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Business banking is online

My perception of starting a business was prior to actually starting the process was the dread of how much red tape was involved and what order things happen in. Ironically doing a business degree is less about starting a business … Continue reading

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First fonts, now it’s icons.

7 Principles of Effective Icon Design | Psdtuts+

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Strategies to explore when starting a project.

When starting with a new client I look at the existing database management procedures and the communication schedule with existing customers. Mostly companies think that marketing is about extending their customer base rather than consolidating their current market share. Even … Continue reading

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Logo and branding objectives are next.

The journey for RocketZone Marketing has begun with the registered process underway with the Companies Office and IRD. Next I need to decide on the goals for branding, identify my touchpoints and commission a designer. I am terrible at being … Continue reading

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Starting my own business

The practical ideas for starting my own company seem sound, I’m motivated, innovative and have a creative brain. I also like working on a variety of projects with different people and in team situations but (and their is always a … Continue reading

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