Media release for The Mill House


The Mill House in Mt Eden has been a destination fashion boutique for many years. So how does this store, hosting up to 20 labels, stay focused on fashion going forward?

Australia has been a treasure trove of fashion discovery for Annette Ryan, the owner of The Mill House. Annette trials new designer’s clothes the best way she knows how – by wearing them. She then orders specially selected garments from any designers she loves, knowing her clientele will love them too. Throughout this summer season you can see Melbourne’s FoundBy as well as the latest newcomer to The Mill House, Alistair Trung, an outrageously flamboyant designer from Sydney.

Retail manager Alicia Rewcastle, accompanies Annette to fashion events across the ditch several times a year, to find edgy new labels and designers largely unknown in New Zealand. The clientele at The Mill House eagerly await the introduction of new fashion designers to their wardrobes each season.

Many well-known New Zealand labels are also represented at The Mill House, including Trelise Cooper, Moss, Obi, Chocolat and Paula Ryan. These designers have a strong and loyal following amongst the clientele at The Mill House.


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Working on a new campaign!

DHAtax supporting learners

DHAtax supporting learners

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Color scheme designer

Very handy program link sent to me 2 weeks after struggling through the colour choice process. I guess they’ll always be the next colour to decide on.

Color Scheme Designer 3

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New font decided!!

exljbris Font Foundry

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The story of my own Rocket

First Sarita send sketches:

Rocket styles

Ideas for my RocketZone rocket

A combination of rockets 1, 5 & 9 looked like this:

Then we discussed colours above:

Finally a few ideas for design combinations:

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The Mill House, 471 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland!

I have posted photos to Facebook in my first album for my RocketZone Marketing page.  Facebook | RocketZone Marketing

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Business banking is online

My perception of starting a business was prior to actually starting the process was the dread of how much red tape was involved and what order things happen in. Ironically doing a business degree is less about starting a business and just how to work inside a business. The companies office was a little tedious but creating an online profile means any part of the process could be saved and returned to once I found the information they needed. The banking was a different decision and thought I’d go with a new bank rather than my personal bank as I like supporting innovation so after a very friendly trip to my local Titirangi Post shop I signed up to Kiwibank. Their online services are excellent and they may get all my personal banking in time. Check them out: Business banking – Kiwibank Now for IRD… Yikes.

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First fonts, now it’s icons.

7 Principles of Effective Icon Design | Psdtuts+

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Don’t ask me to choose a FONT!

I have so many favourite designs in my over crowded Font Book on my Mac so when Sarita (graphic designer) asked “which font would be good for my logo” I started narrowing down my focus. Obviously it needed to be a legal font for commercial use and not too fussy. Sarita sent me a short list of 14 designs to focus my decision but strangely I realised I needed to know the name of the font. Then I felt silly, so I didn’t ask for the names I simply chose from the style and logo point of view. I still can’t say what it’s called but I hope it has a memorable name cause in a list of thousands of fonts I’ll need to locate it.

I follow KaneWest on twitter for fun and why not, I saw that he posted a comment this week that fonts make him emotional. OMG I’m not a geek cause he loves font too, unless you consider KW a geek then I’m still in geekland.

4 Things to Consider When Creating a Business Logo

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Website content and testimonial

Today I am trying to focus on my own website construction and developing appropriate content. I have a list of ideas but I think it is more interesting to create an online presentation. I have also asked for a testimonial from my lecturer for advertising & promotional.

Testimonial message commences from lecturer Roger Hawkins:

I was recently lucky enough to have Danni in my (Advertising & Promotion) class while lecturing here at Unitec. I am a great admirer of free thinking, creative individuals and Danni very quickly came to my attention as one of the genuine stars of the class.

Creative, with a great enquiring mind, proactive and customer focused – Danni demonstrated clear understanding of customer demands and requirements and most importantly how to convert this to first strategy, then action and finally , outcomes.

I commend Danni to you if you seek quality strategic thinking and creative delivery of customer solutions.”

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